Offer India


Avi’s two elder sisters were, however, lbrtunate enough to be born ftee of the virus. Avi’s mother, along with the children, returned to her family in an Ultadanga slum from Nagpur, where they used to stay previously. Her brothers did not accept her and forced her and her children to live in a Oft X Oft dingy room with no provision for food or cloth.. When her neighbours Pound out, they tried to cast the fam-ily out of the locality Some 300 slum dwellers lay siege to the family and threatened them with death. They even stopped volunteers ft.= OFFER, a social organisation, who went to rescue the family. With the help of police, the social workers could shift Avi to Anandaghar and help h. mother get a job. Avl spent three months in hospital, undergoing treatment tbr malnutrition. At the moment, he is fine, and in high “I love to play with toy cars,” he says with a shy smile.