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Wedding bells at Anandaghar

Rekha is a charming 25 years young lady. Rekha came to Anandaghar , a Residential Care Home for Children Living with HIV/AIDS, in July’2007, and was referred to us by Child Line (East Midnapore – a district in West Bengal) when she had lost her both parents and was abandoned by her relatives. She then adjusted herself to the environment of Anandaghar and studied hard to pass Higher Secondary (Class 12) from Ratneshwar High School. Besides studying she also learnt dancing in our residential home. She loves to buy dresses and takes care of herself by spending money on personal products.

Rekha is now in charge of customer management at the cafe and is a good advisor to our guests in helping them to order the right kind of food. She also manages the cash inflow and expenses of the cafe. We are happy to inform you that Rekha has found her dream partner a bright young man who works as a special educator. Rekha is Anandaghar’s child, after all. Anandaghar volunteered to do all of the planning for Rekha and her partner’s wedding. Anandaghar took complete responsibility for planning the wedding. Rekha and her partner were married on the campus of Anandaghar on 12 Feb, 2023. The ceremony was unique since female purohits Subhamastu officiated the marriage. Currently, the pair is blissfully wed.

Basanta Utsav

Apanjan and Anandaghar woke up to a very busy yet exciting morning. The celebration was for the Holi or Basanta Utsav, the Festival of Colours. The celebration began from 9am in the morning and went on till 11pm. The children couldn’t get enough of the celebration. Few dignitaries visited the campus. The children performed on songs and dances written by Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore. Everyone was coloured with joy as well as the colour of the aabir.

Gift Me A Sky

This year was marked as eventful as the children of Anandaghar were taken on a trip to Puri via Aeroplane on November 14,2022. The kids were over joyed as this was their first time experiencing a plane ride. The children were also accompanied by several Indian celebrities to name a few like Actor Rahul Banerjee, Painter Samir Aich, Singers Sidhu & Pota etc. Gift Me A Sky was a program where 30 HIV+ children had flown down to Bhubaneshwar along with celebrities and officials. Apart from the sheer experience of flying in an aircraft which these orphans had looked at with awe and wonder standing on the ground this program also helps to sensitize about Child Rights and also in spreading awareness of the disease and increases the prospect of these children getting accepted in
the society.

This program was initiated with the goal of commemorating the auspicious occasion of Children’s day while also emphasising the basic rights of these children, as these children face deprivation and prejudice even for the most basic of their needs. This event was star-studded with famous Kolkata celebrities who had graciously agreed to
Participate in this initiative. The event was provided entertainment for the children while also raising awareness of their basic rights. This programme instilled confidence and awareness in children and other members of society. The children performed dance and yoga in front of the audience which is a part of boosting confidence in these kids. The stay in Puri was joyous to these children as they were having lots of fun in the sea beach. The children thoroughly enjoyed their stay along with their friends visiting the various tourist spots of Puri. The children got the test of having a vacation where they are free from any prejudice and worry of home work.

Gift me a Sky has been a successful even in making the children aware of breathing in free air.