Offer India


The Corona Virus hit India during March 2020. From March 23, 2020 complete lockdown was announced. Now people with HIV+ coming from economically backward classes found it difficult to arrange for food and medicines. Hence OFFER in association with Bengal network of people living with HIV Positive nominated some volunteers from different districts for dispersing ARV (Anti Retro Viral) drugs to the clients’ doorstep so that their immune system is not compromised.


The second wave of COVID witnessed a shortage of oxygen. People ran hither – tether to provide oxygen for their COVID affected family members.

Steps were taken by OFFER


To prepare the battle for the third wave of COVID, vaccination of each and every one was very important. OFFER took the initiative and on June 25, 2021, a Vaccination Camp was set up by OFFER to provide free vaccines to the general public. Over 200 people were vaccinated in the camp.


Mr. Kallol Ghosh, under his chairmanship established Bengal COVID Care Initiative (BCCI) Along with 50 other NGOs. This was a preventive measure taken for the predictable third wave of COVID. They donated 10 oxygen concentrators and promised to provide 100 safe homes, which will be run by these non- profit organisations. BCCI has decided to facilitate in setting up district level numerous Free Safe Homes, including villages, with the help of local community and administration. Apart from COVID infrastructure, initiatives were also taken to make people aware of the COVID Appropriate Behaviour. This initiative emphasises on what steps should be taken to prevent the virus and also what needs to be done if one is affected in COVID.