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Join our virtual Tambola fundraiser!

OFFER, through its’ Anandaghar Project, has been caring for and supporting Children Living with HIV/AIDS since 2003.

As per section 36 of The Juvenile Justice Act, an individual attaining 18 years of age cannot continue to stay at a shelter home facility. At present, Anandaghar houses 34 young adults who will need to leave the care and comfort of the home very soon.

With no family or support system, these childrens’ futures are at stake. They still need support for their education and basic necessities, to ensure that they don’t have to give up on their dreams.

To continue supporting these children, OFFER is organising a Virtual Tambola event, which you can join by making a donation. The proceeds will be used to provide financial support and independence for these young adults.

Some of these children will also be joining this event. This way you can hear their stories and encourage them through your kind words. We look forward to seeing you at the event.

Join us for a Virtual Tambola event at 5pm on 30/04/2021 by donating towards improving the lives of these young adults with HIV.

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