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Students dropping out from schools have been a big drawback of the Indian education system. Students from low socio-economic background tend to dropout regularly from schools. Most of their parents are either not literate or insufficiently literate to understand the impact of education in child’s life. As they are the first generation learners, these kids with no support from their parents, find education to be very boring and sometimes unacceptable. Lack of assistance at home along with other psychosocial factors enhances children’s possibility of dropping out from the school education.


Inspired by Famous poet Tagore’s idea about education – integration of education into a child’s life – this programme has been named as Sahajpath – the easy learning. Reinstating the State policy of “Education for All” is Sahajpath’s main objective. It focuses more on personal need of every child. Children, from urban and rural areas come here from families of rickshaw pullers, vegetable sellers, unskilled labours, wage earners, share croppers and likewise. They hope to be the first educated member of their family.

Sahajpath was helping 2500 children with supplemental education, vocational training, nutrition and psychosocial support. The basic idea behind this programme isto slowly but surely integrate these kids in to formal learning system while reducing, and finally eliminating dropouts.


The project has been ‘on hold’ due to funding unavailability. We are looking to reach out to funding agencies to resume the project.